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Additional Services

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Additional Services

  • Demolition- interior/exterior
  • Utility line installation and repair
  • Specialized Excavation
    • Remote Control Excavation
    • Rock Excavation
    • Vacuum Excavation
    • Mini-Excavation

Remote Control Excavation-
Tight confined spaces, storm sewers, box culverts, hazardous work locations.

Rock Eater

Rock Excavation-
Remove hard rock without blasting. Use on trench-lines, pits or any excavation within rock.

Vacuum Excavation

Vacuum Excavation-
Locate and expose underground utilities quickly and safely. Remove sediment in and around manholes, catch basins and substations. Vacuum pump capabilities up to 28” Hg and 3800 cfm to let you hydro-excavate the big jobs at remote locations up to 1000’ away and at depths up to 300’.


Excavation in those tough tight hard to reach places. In and around buildings as well as inside.

Storm Water Management

Storm Water Management-
Storm drains and pipes can become damaged over time and occasionally need to be repaired or replaced. Shiloh Paving specializes in working with storm water systems as well as other drainage and water management systems for your property.

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