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Asphalt is a mixture of bitumen (a liquid asphalt bonding agent) and aggregate (bulk materials such as sand, stone, gravel, pebbles, etc.). As the liquid in your pavement cures, the pavement itself will become harder but will still remain flexible for quite some time, especially in warm temperatures. Since asphalt pavements are flexible they will conform to the surface beneath them and to the shape of things placed on them. New pavement will soften and harden as temperatures increase and decrease. The first six to twelve months after installation pavement will remain soft and pliable and extra care should be taken to allow the pavement to cure.

Asphalt Sealer:
Asphalt Sealer is a product used to improve the look of blacktop and gives old blacktop the dark, black look of a newly paved surface. The most typical type of asphalt sealer is composed of high temperature, refined coal tar pitch and select mineral fillers such as sand.

See asphalt.

Blacktop Milling:
Blacktop milling is a procedure that allows Shiloh Paving to tie new blacktop into existing blacktop flush and even. When new and existing blacktop are made flush, there is no risk of breaking the new blacktop while snow plowing. Milling also makes a tighter waterproof seal between the paving surfaces, creating a cleaner, more eye-pleasing job.

ID-Rice is made by using ¼-inch stone. It has a smooth finish which helps seal out water, but does not have much strength.

ID-2 Wearing:
ID-2 wearing is made by using ½-inch stone. It has a smooth finish which helps seal out water and has good strength.

ID-3 Wearing:
-ID-3 is made by using a mixture of 1/2 and ¾-inch stone. It has a semi-smooth finish which has good strength, traction and helps to seal out water.

ID-Binder is made by using 1-inch stone. It has a pores finish which does not shed water very well. Binder is strong and makes a good base, but should have an ID-2 wearing coarse applied as well.

BCBC is made by using 1 ½-inch stone. It has a very pores finish which allows water to penetrate into the sub-base. BCBC is very strong and makes a great base, but should have a ID-2 wearing coarse applied as well.

The first and most important factor to be considered prior to the installation of asphalt is the foundation upon which it will be built. New asphalt should be installed on a foundation of properly compacted crushed stone. A stone sub-base should consist of six to eight inches of stone. Be sure your contractor is using a State Approved Material such as Item 2A modified crushed stone.

The sub-soil is a solid layer of weathered material just under the surface of top-soil.

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