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Asphalt Milling for Columbia Boro

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Milling for Columbia Boro, Columbia Pa

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Asphalt Milling Services

Shiloh Paving and Excavating, Inc. provides Asphalt Milling Services for Municipal and Commercial Customers

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Shiloh Paving and Excavating, Inc. has expanded their services to include asphalt milling in order to meet the demands for commercial parking lot repairs,Townships and Municipal customers looking to have their roads milled and resurfaced.

The asphalt milling machine or cold planer has a 5 foot wide cutting head and is perfect for use on township and local roads that have large sections which need to be milled down so blacktop patching can be accomplished in an efficient manner.

Milling is the removal of part of the surface of a paved area on roads and in parking lots. Milling depth can be controlled and is capable of "profiling" the surface or mill to depths down to 13 inches deep.

Reasons for asphalt milling:

  1. Recycling of the asphalt to be reused on other paving projects
  2. Removal of surface imperfections to provide a better driving experience and increase roadway life. Examples of imperfections are:
    • -potholes
      -other roadway type damage
  3. Roadway milling can save money because only repairs to sections of the road which are are damaged can be repaired instead of replacing /resurfacing the entire roadway.

In addition to using the large milling machine. Shiloh Paving and Excavating, Inc. also uses smaller milling machine attachments that can be mounted on the front of skid loaders. The smaller mills, about 2 feet in width, are ideal for getting in areas the larger milling machine cannot get access to. Additionally, the smaller milling machines are easier to transport and can be used on smaller type jobs.

Completed Projects For Milling Clients


Milled Street ready for paving. Asphalt Milling, repair work, and other tasks for the Boro of Columbia, Pa

Milling Video

Columbia Boro:

Mill and patched several streets in downtown Williamsport, Pa-

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